testimonials of Irish personal stylist

The testimonials below are all genuine and written by past clients of my personal styling service.  If you would like to contact past clients to discuss my service please contact me directly for more information. 


“I was very lucky to get a Christmas present of personal shopping with Orla last year. We had a really good conversation about what I liked and didn’t like, favourite colours, where I like to shop and what I wanted to get out of the personal shopping beforehand. So needless to say I was very excited about seeing what Orla would come up with. It was just so delightful to go into a busy Zara and Topshop and be brought straight to the dressing room with a rail of clothes waiting for me. I was amazed by how well Orla had chosen the clothes based on our conversation. Everything she had chosen would have been items I would pick myself but maybe not have had the confidence to put them together. It was just so easy being handed clothes and having a very honest opinion on what worked and what didn’t was great. I bought some really lovely pieces but what I was most happy with was how all the pieces could be mixed and matched. I thoroughly enjoyed the day and would highly recommend Orla to anyone.”

Roisin, Social Worker, Dublin


"My daughter bought me a gift voucher for Mother's Day for a wardrobe consultation and a personal shopping trip with orla. I can wholeheartedly say that it is the best gift I have ever received. I found the initial wardrobe consultation to be so useful as she saw what I had that suited me and could look for items to go with these clothes. She also made me realize that I had a common case of 'too many clothes but nothing to wear' syndrome. I agreed that some of the items I owned I would never wear and they didn't suit me at all. I found that orla quickly could see what suited my shape and was able to put things together on me that I never would have! The shopping trip was fantastic. From the wardrobe consultation we came up with the items I needed .  I am planning a trip away and wanted some nice pieces for that too. I had given Orla my budget and I was very surprised at what I got for my money.I know I would never have tried on some of the pieces Orla had picked for me had i been shopping alone and they are now my favourite wardrobe stables!I felt completely comfortable with Orla. She is fantastic at what she does. As well as everything else I thoughrily enjoyed the experience. I would recommend the service to anyone as without a doubt you will save money in the long run .I will be ensuring it is a yearly Mother's Day gift!!!"

Teresa, House Wife, Mayo 


"After having a second baby; feeling totally uncertain how to put clothes together, and no motivation, one of the best phone calls I made was to Orla. Immediately i could sense she was not at all pushy, and most of all listened to me. The amount of time and research she spent before our consultation really impressed me. After about 10 minutes she knew what I felt comfortable in. Comfort with an edge. Could not rate her highly enough. So professional and made me at ease straight away bring so body conscious. All I can say is you'll see me agsin Orla!!"

Jill, Interior Designer, Mayo 


I was delighted to receive the gift of a voucher for Orla's deluxe package for Christmas. To start with Orla came to my house and did a wardrobe analysis with me, which was great as Orla got to see the clothes I normally wear, the gaps in the wardrobe I needed to fill, and also to help me to get rid of a few bits which really didn't work, but I hadn't made my find up on fully. I then met Orla in Dublin for a day of shopping. I had gotten into a major style rut and hadn't been shopping in ages. I mainly wanted some clothes for work but also a few bits for casual wear. I was open to looking at any nice pieces we came across. Orla had already done a pre-shop in three shops we had selected, which made things super efficient! She was so helpful and professional, and made me feel very much at ease. It was fantastic having a pool of excellent outfits pre-selected for me, and presented in such an enjoyable way. Being a client of Orla's I really got the VIP treatment in Brown Thomas, with a big dressing room, a glass of champers, and a 10% discount on most pieces. We also went to Zara where I got some really nice, very affordable pieces. A lot of the pieces I got mix and match well, so it really feels like I got a lot of clothes. We spent over 6 hours shopping but the time flew. I came away with a whole new wardrobe, which I am really enjoying. I find that I look forward to social events more now, knowing that I have something suitable to wear.I would be very happy to recommend Orla's service to anyone, young or old, and I think it works out as a great investment, particularly for somebody like myself with a busy job. I definitely hope to go shopping with Orla again!

Maire, Doctor, Galway


Let Orla take the stress and indecision out of shopping and help you put some style essentials back into your wardrobe. As a journalist I had the pleasure of reviewing Orla's shopping experience and have nothing but fabulous memories of our afternoon together. First and foremost Orla is a lady and her personality and manner will put you at ease from the moment you step into that first dressing room. She had done the ground work done before we met and has chosen some fabulous pieces that were immediately put on my must have list. If you're looking for those wardrobe essentials to take you from work to dinner or that outfit for a special occasion Orla will seek out a plethora of choices to suit your shape, style and budget. Go on treat yourself.

Marian Duggan, Journalist, Mayo 


Orla has shopped with me on several occasions now and the experience has been wonderful. She is very professional in manner but extremely easy to interact with. The shopping days were great fun in themselves. She really listens to you and is so warm and interested that the experience is a delight. Most of all, she has a wonderful talent which is a gem to find when you are a busy working professional with family and short on shopping time.

Niamh, Doctor, Dublin 


"In my opinion everyone should and deserves a day with a personal stylist !!! I spent the day in Dublin with Orla Sheridan in January, which was one of the most enjoyable days shopping. Having the clothes ready to try on was a bonus and having Orla present to advise and suggest additional options was very helpful.  Orla did an exceptional job with helping me find appropriate work wear that looks good and is comfortable and most of all suits my colouring and shape. I can't wait to do it again next season after my pregnancy".

Ann, Nurse, Mayo 


"Between being pregnant and being on maternity leave I didn't spend any time on myself at all. I was all consumed by the baby and my wardrobe and my confidence were feeling the effects of it. When I decided to do something about it I felt totally daunted when I entered the shops. So I decided to enlist the help of a personal stylist. Orla was superb! Not only does she have a sharp eye for style she understands what suits your figure and the colours that work for you. Orla chose lots of outfits that I love and have worn again and again. Orla is professional and very easy to work with. I loved the whole experience and  will be looking for her help again!".

Maeve, Sales, Dublin


"I was very lucky to win a days personal shopping with Orla in a competition in May and I have to say it was a fantastic experience.She quickly put me at ease as we discussed my client questionnaire and type of clothes I needed before she did the pre-shop that morning.We met in the afternoon and headed to the selected shops where Orla had a number of items of clothing ready for me to try on.She gave me the confidence to try clothes that previously I would never have considered without making me feel uncomfortable. I absolutely loved the fact that she styled complete outfits for me without me having to think about it. She gave very honest advice and you can be confident that anything you purchase on her recommendation will suit you. I was delighted with all my purchases and Orla did exactly as I asked of her in that I now have pieces that will mix and match to make several lovely outfits. She gave me great pieces of advice on how to wear clothes to suit and make the most my figure and I feel very confident in all the pieces I purchased that day. Orla is very professional in her work but she combines this with a lovely friendliness and warmth which makes for a successful day out. I would highly recommend a shopping trip or consultation with Orla. I hope to do the same again in the future. It is well worth it.T hanks again for a wonderful day Orla. I really appreciate all you did for me".

Elaine, Pharmacist, Mayo 


Thank you to all my clients who have contributed to my testimonial page. If you have previoulsy availed of my service and would like to contribute, please contact me at orla@orlasheridan.com