Wardrobe Essential - The Blue Shirt

Happy New Year everybody! I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas. We had a very enjoyable two weeks at home in Mayo with all my extended family. It was Bobby's first real Christmas where he knew what was going on, so it made the whole holiday so much more fun.

Last year I did a blog post on My Wardrobe Essentials and I was delighted by the response it received, so, I decided to follow up by focusing on some of the items on the list; starting with one of my favourite items  - The Blue Shirt (click here for a full list of wardrobe essentials). 


Why should I buy a Blue Shirt?

  1. It's versatile, it can be worn casually but also used for work-wear
  2. It's timeless, it will never go out of fashion 
  3. It's great for layering with navy, blue, pink, khaki and even orange (click here to see how I styled it with orange)
  4. It creates an easy to achieve effortless look 
  5. Blue is a colour that works on most people (paler skin tones may have to go for deeper shades of blue)

Tips for buying a Blue Shirt:

  1. Try to avoid buying polyester fabric - cotton or a cotton mix looks much sharper and feels far superior
  2. Roll the sleeves up and make them 3/4 length - this is more flattering especially on smaller people
  3. Try and choose a shirt that won't crease too easily - before purchasing, do a crease test by bundling a bit of fabric in your hand to see how bad it creases!
  4. Tuck in the shirt, or at least the front of it, to avoid creating a frumpy look
  5. Try to avoid wearing something underneath that is visible or that shines through the fabric. Ideally wear a nude vest and a nude bra 
  6. To create a more edgy or funky look, close the top button. Note that this looks does not work as well with bigger busts
  7. If the shirt has pockets, pay attention to their placement - sometimes if they are too low it can make your boobs looks droopy;)

Shopping In New York: 16 Shops worth a visit!

16 New York Shops worth a visit! 

16 shops to visit in New York

On this trip I decided to stay away from the bigger department stores like Saks, Bloomingdales and Macy's, as I felt that most of the labels they stock are now available at home, plus my wallet wasn't allowing for any big purchases so I avoided any temptation! Instead I opted to concentrate mostly on the smaller independent stores. Below is a list of a few of the cooler stores I stumbled upon:

  1. Yellow Rat Bastard. Not my usual style but some really cute tees, 
  2. Steve Alan. A lovely collection of unique designers. 
  3. John Varvatos. Great men's shop. Expensive but timeless key pieces.
  4. Built by Girls. Fab bikinis and casual gear, BTW bikinis are really expensive in NY.
  5. The Sock Hop. Loved this shop. Really cool selection of socks and customs made shirts. 
  6. Brandy Melville. Only realised this was a high street store. Nice tees and cut offs. 
  7. Ina. Excellent high end consignment store. They also have a men's store next door. 
  8. E.A.T Gift Shop. Could have spent the day in here. You could buy a present for anyone.
  9. Ksubi. Australian store specialising in denim
  10. Something in Mind. Cute dresses and accessories at a good price. 
  11. Lulu Lemon. Favourite workout gear, I've had pieces for over 10 years!  
  12. Zoe. Great store in Dumbo (Brooklyn) but very expensive. 
  13. Comptoir des Cotonniers. Nice french label, it's where I bought my dungarees. 
  14. Madewell.  High street american label with nice leather totes and summer dresses. 
  15. Nos. Super chic and classy pieces.
  16. 3NY. Couln't decide if this was shop was cool or a bit naff, but they had some unique pieces.   

I would definitely recommend the Soho region as a starting point for shopping. Elizabeth Street was one of my favourite areas. I wished we had spent more time in Brooklyn as there seemed to be great selection of shops, restaurants and galleries. This list is by no means conclusive, it really is as a result of carefree, aimless wandering!  So I must return! I would love your feedback or recommendations of shops for future trips.  

Shopping in New York