True Wardrobe Essentials Part 3 - Golden Goose Runners

So many people have asked me are Golden Goose worth the money? I invested in my first pair 3 years ago and I am still wearing them today. To me they are timeless, stylish and so comfortable. They are also made from the finest of Italian leather. Considering I wear runners at least 70% of the time I don’t mind splashing out on a pair of Golden Goose, especially given my current lifestyle, which definitely justifies spending on sneakers rather than Manolo’s. There is so much choice when it comes to picking a pair, everything from high tops, low tops, platforms, metallics, leopard prints, the list goes on… But one thing you need to be sure about is that they justify their cost per wear.

Tips for buying Golden Goose

  • If it’s your first pair, I would opt for a more neutral style that will go with more outfits. I would go for a white base with a pop of colour which best compliments your wardrobe. Keep the more adventurous styles for your second purchase.

  • Their sizing is true to size

  • I find that I wear darker styles (metallic and black) during the winter months and the brighter colours (white and gold) in the summer

  • A word of warning, most of their styles have a distressed look (incase you think you accidentally bought a second hand pair!)

  • If you prefer a shoe with a bit of height the platform is a great option.

  • Many of the styles come with coloured laces, which I often advise clients to change up to a more neutral colour to give them more styling options.