True Wardrobe Essentials Part 2

Wardrobe Essentials are the staple pieces that you need in your wardrobe. I often find if clients complain about having a wardrobe full of clothes, yet have nothing to wear, it may be because they are missing the key pieces that are required to ‘build’ outfits. Everybody’s wardrobe essentials vary somewhat depending on their personal style and lifestyle. Over the next few weeks, I will be sharing my True Wardrobe Essentials which will include all of my favourite basics and, most importantly, pieces that have passed the ‘30 Wears Challenge’. I will include at least three different price options and, where possible, at least one of the brands will be a sustainable label.

Beige Cardigans

Tips for buying a beige cardigan

  • When choosing your size go up a size opting for a more relaxed fit

  • Choose a shade that best suits your skin tone, personally the darker tones are better on my pale skin

  • Check the washing instructions, does it need to be dry cleaned (think of the additional costs)

  • Check the fabric composition, is it made from natural or synthetic fabrics? Personally I prefer natural fabrics, but sometimes a mix may be more durable

  • Calculate the cost per wear? Does it justify it’s purchase price?

  • Ask yourself will you wear it a minimum of 30 times?