True Wardrobe Essentials Part 1

Military Jackets

5 rules for buying a military jacket

  • Choose the correct shade that complements your skin tone

  • Ensure that there is enough room so that you can layer it in the winter with fine knits and long sleeve tops

  • Check the style: the more traditional style tends to be a boxier fit, so this may not suit suit all body types. if you are a larger size I would choose a more fluid fabric or even a style that has a belt to accentuate the waist. if you are small in height you may want to go for a shorter style

  • Avoid styles that are over embellished (e.g. embroidery) these styles will date quicker

  • Check the pocket placements - sometimes pockets located when the breasts can draw attention to the bust

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The White Tee

6 tips for buying a white tee

  • Avoid buying a size too small, leave room for movement and length should be long enough for tucking in option

  • Avoid a tight neck line (it should fall just under the bones at the bottom of the neck)

  • Check the fabric composition! Avoid polyester ,a cotton mix is best.

  • Examine the weight of the tee, you want to ensure that it durable and long lasting (30 wears!)

  • Personally I like when the sleeves are long so I can have the option to roll them up twice

  • Try it on with your nude (not white) bra to see the fit

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If you purchase an item above I may make a small commission. I really want to emphasize that I only work with and promote brands and products that I truly love and would genuinely wear myself.