Boucleme Hair Products Review

I should start by explaining I barely ever change my hair routine. I’ve basically used Umberto Gianni products for the last 15 years - until I was introduced to Deva Curls 2 years ago by my sister-in-law. I loved using the Deva Curl products, but the biggest problem was getting them shipped to Ireland. I ended up paying an extortionate amount of money on postage!  I was searching for comparable products to Deva Curls and so was delighted to come across the Boucleme range (on thecurlylookdublin instgram account). They are a small UK based company, so their products were easily accessible online and they also have stockists in Ireland (I will link them all below). Their products are quite similar to Deva Curls - they are free from sulphates, silicones and parabens and they smell amazing!

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If you have curly hair then you know the struggle; it tends to be a lot drier and more brittle than other hair types. Curly hair needs a lot more nourishing ingredients to help hydrate and strengthen it. My hair is typically fine and trends to naturally fall very flat on my head. So, not only am I looking to form the perfect curls, I also want to create as much volume as possible. Therefore it is essential that the products ingredients aren't too heavy for my hair, in turn weighing it down. 

  1. Step 1 - Cleanse This is a zero foam cleanser, if you haven't used one before you might find it strange that it doesn't create a lather. The harsh foaming detergents strip all moisture from hair, leaving curls dry and frizzy. Be careful not to use too much. In the past I never brought curl specific shampoo and conditioner, but I really feel this shampoo is a game changer.  
  2. Step 2 - Conditioner  This is the only product that didn't work as well for me. My hair tends to get very knotty when I am washing it so the conditioner wasn't strong enough to tackle my situation. My hair is highlighted and this makes it drier. I am going to get the intensive moisture to see can that combat my problem. 
  3. Step 3 - Curl Cream This is my favorite product. I put it in after I have finger combed my hair. Ensure your hair is soaking wet. DO NOT towel dry your hair.  I find all curly products work best when applied to soaking wet hair. I use 3 pumps of the cream and turn my head upside down and apply it from the root to the tip.  I used the Boucleme towel to scrunch up the curls and take out the excess water. The cream has a really nice texture and smell. 
  4. Step 4 - Defining Gel I really like this product. The texture is much nicer than the sticky Deva Curl gel and the curling results were much better for my hair. I put this product in directly after the Curl Cream. I only had to use a small amount of this product (size of €2 coin). I applied the gel from the root right through the curl. I used the Boucleme towel again to scrunch the curl and remove the excess product and water. 
  5. Step 5 - Pinning My Hair When I don't plan on scrunch drying my hair straight away. I pin up my hair using hair claws (the best ones can be purchased in Boots). This is an important stage for me as I need plenty of volume as I have fine hair. I often repeat this stage after my hair is dry to create even extra volume. When pinning your hair, divide your hair into 8/10 sections and roll the curls into individual sections and pin it to the scalp using the claws.
  6. Step 6 - Drying My Hair I generally put it on full heat and full power (although I think you should use a lower heat for best results). I personally don't like the look of jelly curls (i.e curls wet with product) so it's important to me to fully dry out my hair so there is no look of product left in the hair. While drying my hair my head is usually upside down to introduce volume.
  7. Step 7 After Drying My Hair I often repeat Step 5. Using the claw clips to pin up my hair gives it even more volume.

The Boucleme range has definitely suited my hair type. I loved the results. Curly hair can definitely be hard work, but with the correct products it makes the process worth while. I would highly recommend the Boucleme products. Here is the link!