Wardrobe Audit

Having a great wardrobe requires a clear, structured, plan. I know this might sound a bit over the top but we could spend our time on worse things than planning how fabulously stylish we are going to be in 2019!

I decided to complete my own personal Wardrobe Edit in order to get a clear picture of my wardrobe going into 2019.

I started by asking myself the following questions:

  • What were my favourite/most worn pieces in 2018? (#30wears and beyond)

  • Do my most worn pieces correctly reflect my personal style or do I want to dress more professional, younger, smarter, chicer etc?

  • What pieces did I wear the least? Should they be removed? Or could they be restyled/upclyced etc?

  • How many new pieces did I buy in 2018?

  • Have my new purchases achieved the 30 wears status? (Or will they in time?)

  • What were the “Bad Buys”?

  • How many “Bad Buys” were there in 2018?

  • Where are the gaps? What do you need buy in 2019? Create a wish list.

  • What needs to be replaced or updated?

I find answering these questions usually gives clients a clearer picture of their current style as well as highlighting what works and what doesn’t. The fun part of doing a personal wardrobe edit is that it allows you to compile a very focused, conscious, shopping list with pieces that will truly reflect what you need in your wardrobe in 2019 . Nothing like justifying a good days shopping!

Screen Shot 2018-12-30 at 19.17.32.png

On a personal note, I honestly felt like I really had not shopped at all this year. But during my wardrobe audit, I was surprised with how many pieces I had actually bought over the past 12 months. 21 items of clothing, 6 pairs
of shoes (4 sandals) and 1 handbag. Yet I must admit I still feel slightly deprived! Do you think this is a little or a lot? (Below is a list of what I bought in 2018)

My lack of shopping was partly due to the fact that I was really trying to practice what I preach and become a more sustainable, conscious, shopper. I wanted to ensure that all of my new purchases achieved their 30 wears status.
(Although trying to be conscious and minimalistic shopper obviously does not lend itself to creating new or fresh content on Instagram!) But I do feel that one issue is more important than the other.

Above is a detailed list of all my purchases from 2018. I have also highlighted what items were bought on sale and which pieces have already achieved their 30 wears status. Many of the pieces were bought in recent months so they haven’t achieved their status yet! I also think it’s important to note your “Bad Buys” as you may notice a trend that you could avoid in the future, i.e Poor Quality

Screen Shot 2018-12-30 at 19.17.47.png

Above is a Wish List for 2019, obviously I am not going to go out and buy everything on the list tomorrow but it is a good guide for keeping you focused going into the new year.

I hope you found this post helpful.

I hope you a wonderful New Years Eve.

Orla x