12 questions to ask yourself when your online delivery arrives?

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I'm going to assume that in this world of E-commerce we are all aware of the general rules for online shopping; i.e ensure its a trustworthy site, don't divulge too much personal information and, if the offer looks too good to be true it usually is! So, with that in mind I'm going to share with you how to handle the most perilous side of online shopping; what to do once your clothes arrive!

Before I had kids I must admit I was not the biggest fan of online shopping, I love the whole shopping experience and getting to try on the clothes. Since having children however I have finally found the benefits of online shopping! Time is one luxury the little ones do not afford you, so being able to shop from the comfort of the couch as they sleep is a big win. Although I am obviously in the shops a lot with clients, I rarely have time to go back and pick up pieces for myself. It's better that way anyway, as it ensures I don't impulse buy any of the beautiful clothes you get exposed to, and financially you are much better off. You could literally spend the money as you earn it! 

  • So, once you've made your purchase and it arrives at your door, what should you do? First, try it on immediately and ask yourself the following question
    1. Is it the fit right? 
    2. Do I have something to wear with it ?
    3. Do I have to buy something else new to complete the look? If so, is it worth it?
    4. Can I afford to complete the look? 
    5. Can I style it a number of different ways?
    6. Is it a seasonable piece or can I wear it in summer/winter too? 
    7. Will it date quickly?
    8. Will it get a minimum of 30 wears ? 
    9. Is it as nice or nicer than what is already in my wardrobe?
    10. Do I love it?
    11. Does it suit my lifestyle, my body and my personality?
    12. Do I have something similar already in my wardrobe? 
  • The biggest test for me is 'How soon will I wear it?" If you really love something you should want to wear it immediately or as soon as possible (maybe the next wedding, party or night out). Basically, you should be dying to wear your new purchase. 
  • Return it immediately - "if its not perfect its not right"! Don't leave it hanging around the house. Even if it didn't break the bank you don't want your wardrobe getting clogged up with mediocre bits! 
  • Stick to labels and retailers you are familiar with - this way you know your sizing and you are familiar with the returns policy. I learned this lesson the hard way when I paid €77 to return a dress to the States, and that was after it cost €36 postage in the first place! 

I have linked the different looks below. The orange jumper is sold out but click here for a similar one.

I hope you found this post helpful. I would love hear your feedback on instagram. 

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