Shoe Essentials

How many shoes is too many? .....I have had clients with over a 100 pairs of shoes in their wardrobe, yet struggled to find the right shoes to match an outfit.

I think shoe trends can come and go very quickly but there are some classic styles that I consider wardrobe essentials.

When I decided to do a blog post on shoe essentials I started the task by looking at my own wardrobe and seeing what shoes I own and what shoes I wear most often. This can be a helpful task for you to consider doing at home so you can see where you are duplicating and where the gaps are. I found that I have 19 pairs of shoes in total,  all of which have passed the #30wears test except my silver boots and my navy heels (which is probably down to my social life more than the shoes)!

Over the years I have really tried to focus on quality over quantity especially when it comes to shoes. I really want to be sure that each pair will get a minimum of #30wears to justify the expenditure. One of the important points to consider when buying shoes is to choose a height you will realistically wear. A lot of the designer labels (e.g Jimmy Choo, Manolo's, Christian Louboutin) have 3 different height choices. Also be careful with sizing, I seem to have gone down a size with so many labels. 

Below is my curated list of shoes that I think should see you sorted for any outfit or occasion. I hope you find it helpful. I would love to hear your feedback on instagram.

I will share my personal shoe collection with you on Insta stories during the week. Most of the shoes linked below are in my closet or similar styles to what I have. 

Have a lovely week xxx