The Vancouver Wedding

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I had the most amazing few days in Canada for my cousin Orla's wedding. The time went by so quickly as I was only there for 4 nights. Orla is my first cousin, her mum Nancy moved to British Columbia in the 70's and had 4 kids all around our age so we have so many great memories of them coming to visit as kids. Orla and I were the youngest in both families so we always hit it off. I was so excited to hear she got engaged and knew it was a wedding I wouldn't want to miss. Orla always looks fabulous so it came as no surprise how incredible she looked on her wedding day and coincidentally she wore the Irish Designer Thea! 

The wedding was a three day affair. There was a cocktail party the first night in the beautiful Vancouver Club, the venue was super fancy. I wore my new silver sequence Maje skirt and an old ASOS off the shoulder that cost only €20.

The actual wedding itself took place in a home owned by the grooms family. The house is called Casa Mia. We have heard so many brilliant stories about the house - they hire it out as a location for movies, 50 Shades of Grey is just one of many that was shot there. To say it is amazing is an understatement! Walt Disney had stayed there at some point and had drawn a mural in the kids bedroom.
I made a major fashion faux pax for the day of the wedding. At the last minute I changed my mind on the new dress I bought (I wasn't mad about it and figured I wouldn't get enough wear out of it), so I decided to go with the pink suit instead. In hindsight it was just not dressy enough. I'm usually guilty of being overdressed and that's a position I would much rather maintain. If someone tells you Canadians are casual, never believe them! The style was super fancy! Needless to say my faux pas didn't stop me enjoying the whole day and night immensely!!

The day after we all met up in the Vancouver Yacht Club for lunch. I always love the day after a wedding probably more than the wedding itself! Everyone is always so much more relaxed. I wore the Zara dress that I bought in the sale in New York.  It's so comfy and I'm a sucker for for a dress with a sleeve.

Just before I went to the airport I managed to squeeze in some paddlebaording. It was so beautiful! The views of the city were insane. Four seals came right up to my board and swam around me for a bit; it was surreal!! Vancouver is definitely one of my favourite cities. I can't wait until the kids are old enough to bring them back to meet their new cousins and to go skiing!

Overall a fantastic weekend with family in a spectacular setting.