Top Wedding Looks

Finding the right look to wear to a wedding can often be an impossible task. I always try and keep my eyes open for some pieces throughout the year. Ideally I like to have something ready for the next big event, however I hadn't come across anything that really excited me all summer. While working with clients I'm always trying to think ahead for myself. The biggest problem is that I tend to avoid print or anything that is terribly fussy which really eliminated an awful lot this season. I love monotone, clean simple looks. I think they tend to be timeless, elegant and more flattering. 

I have three weddings coming up, the first of which is on this weekend in Vancouver! I'm only going for four nights as I'm taking unpaid leave from GTI, but I'm so excited about it. I'm even looking forward to the ten hour flight! Obviously the kids aren't coming, as much as I am going to miss them I can't wait for four full nights of sleep! The other two weddings are at home and coincidentally in the same venue (Mount Juliet). Both are black-tie which will present an interesting challenge when it comes to the dress. I look forward to doing a post on this soon.

Katie and I got such a great response to the last joint post that she also agreed to collaborate on this one. For more on Katie check out my last post and don't forget to follow her on Instagram @katiemoorekatie 

Guess what Katie and I are wearing to the wedding this weekend???

Orla's Top Picks for Wedding Wear

Katie's Top Picks for Wedding Wear