Things we did with the Kids in New York City

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly.....

  1. The flights ✈️: I could never claim to have the two best eaters or sleepers, but when it comes to flying I've two of the best jet setters you could hope for!! Neither moved from their seats for the entire flight, tbh I don't think they realised they could! And they also slept for at least four hours on each flight. To keep them occupied we brought a few new toys (and covered them in layers of wrapping paper🎁). We also brought new books and downloaded some of their favourite tv shows. Plenty of treats too, I must admit! I'm sure this behaviour was just a once-off,  but let me just brag anyway! 😜
  2. Luggage👜: I try my best to be a minimal packer when I can. The trip was made so much easier by the fact that we didn't have to bring buggies, car-seats, toys, travel cots  and even summer clothes for Annie (thanks Lainey!) as the guys in NY had us sorted - this was obviously a serious advantage. If you're not as fortunate as us I have heard that their are companies that rent baby equipment for the duration of your stay.
  3. Accommodation 🛌: Staying with relatives was a major plus- booking accomodation in Manhattan for 3 weeks wouldn't have even been a consideration! 
  4. Time difference ⏱: The kids adjusted really well to the time difference on the way over. I think by night 3 they were going down at a pretty reasonable NY time.
  5. Local knowledge 🗽:Kevin & Clare have a 16 month old baby girl (hi Lainey!), so they knew all the great parks and things to do for babies in the city. 
  6. New Yorkers love babies 👶🏻: honestly, babies are like celebs, everyone seems to absolutely love babies, especially on the subways where people were so helpful when it came to buggies and flights of stairs. They could not have been nicer.


  1. Baby Formula: Annie is on a special high calorific formula due to her weight (she's tiny), so we had to carry 50 bottles with us as it wasn't available in the US. They weighed about 18kg. 😱 Point to note: none of the baby formula was the same as home so it is something to consider. 
  2. Food: Bobby went on hunger strike - he's not a great eater at the best of times but things went from bad to worse on holidays. I've heard since that this is pretty common. I think if this wasn't an issue we would have considered staying even longer (did you notice we extended our trip an extra week🙈😜) Clare pre-made lots of lovely dinners for Annie and Lainey before we arrived so that was an absolute God send for Annie! She even ate more than usual! Clare is Neven Maguire's first cousin and used his baby recipe book so that may have something to do with it! 😂
  3. Sleeping: By the morning, there was usually 4 in the bed! 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 There was a lot of elbows in faces and feet in mouths! At times my head rested on the bed-side locker! Practice makes perfect with that trick 😛
  4. Nights out: These were limited, but, to be honest we could have gone out way more than we did but we were usually too wrecked. Thankfully we've been to NY seven or so times so we've had our fair share of late nights on the town. Old age is definitely making us boring! 😴😴😴
  5. Weather: The temperatures the first few days was really hot, so we had to limit the outdoor time but thankfully the guys have an indoor playground and swimming pool in their building. Facilities for kids were unreal in that regard. 
  6. Haircuts: For some reason we thought it was a good idea to get Bobbys hair cut in New York! As you can see from the pics, this didn't turn out too well! 🙈😂The NY Yankees baseball cap came in handy!

Things to do with kids in New York City: 

  1. Central Park Playgrounds - with over 21 playgrounds to choose from we were spoilt for choice. We usually went to one on 67th on Central Park West as it was only a few blocks from where we were staying.  
  2. Picnics on Sheeps Meadow in Central Park - it was such a treat to be able to sit out taking in one of the most iconic NY views soaking up the atmosphere & people watching 
  3. National History Museum - great outdoor water park for kids and lots of dinosaurs! 
  4. USS Intrepid - surprised at how much the kids got out of this. Lots of planes and submarines for them to jump on! 
  5. Baby classes on the Upper West Side - there were several classes to choose from. Our kids particularly loved one drop in class that cost $20 (very reasonable for NY 😳) It was ran by a former ballet dancer and a professional singer who provide high energy, super upbeat classes for the little ones. The classes were called Juliet and Ella's play date, they are on Facebook. 
  6. Central Park Zoo - Fun day out, especially if you can catch the sea-lions show. There is also a petting zoo with a separate entrance which can be easy to miss. It's small but the kids enjoyed it.
  7. Play dates at friends apartments - if you're fortunate enough to have friends or family over there you'll get to enjoy the unreal facilities in the apartment blocks.
  8. Museum of Modern Art - Bobby actually enjoyed commenting (loudly) on what exactly he liked and disliked! Annie enjoyed crawling around the open spaces! We lasted around 30 mins before checking out the Children's  Playroom 
  9. Biking in Central Park - Loved this! Great to explore the corners of the park you'd never get to. The helmet for Annie was too big so may be worth buying one to be safe. 
  10. Governors Island - an unexpected treat. We got the 15 minute ferry from Wall St and the wide open green spaces were great for the kids. Super views of the city too. 
  11. Free open air baby classes at Riverside park on the Hudson - Similar to the earlier classes but bigger crowds. Great to watch the kids play and mingle together. Lots of song and dance.
  12. Brooklyn Bridge - great for getting Annie to sleep in the buggy! Bobby loved the views and had plenty of questions about how bridges work! On the Brooklyn side of the bridge you end up in Dumbo. 
  13. Janes Carousal - playground and carousal under one of the most iconic landmarks on the NYC skyline. 
  14. 9/11 Memorial - Lovely playground close to the memorial
  15. Sunset on The Hudson - as we were on the west side it was a great thing to do. Lots of park areas down by the river, a picnic, some ice cream and watch the sun dip behind the New Jersey skyline.
  16. The Lincoln Centre - right beside where we stayed, the Lincoln Centre was another one of the great people watching spots. It was also ideal for the kids to run the legs off themselves before bed!