Weekly Wardrobe Planning

Light Duster Coat from Warehouse ( click here ), White Jeans from Oasis ( click here ), Black & White striped top from Warehouse ( click here ).

Light Duster Coat from Warehouse (click here), White Jeans from Oasis (click here), Black & White striped top from Warehouse (click here).

Just a quick note firstly to thank you so much for reading my blog. I noticed my readership has increased dramatically in the last few months - I'm so flattered you would take the time to visit my site.

As I mentioned yesterday on social media, I returned to my teaching job after a year off so I felt it was prefect timing for this blog post. 

Planning my weekly wardrobe may sound a tad OCD but since having kids, outfit planning is a must for me. Although I only have two kids it seemed to take forever to get out of the house in the morning. i realised we definitely needed to get more organised. Sometimes I wish I was someone that would throw on the handiest thing and run out the door but honestly that never going to be me. Does this make me high maintenance? Perhaps! The outfit planning has worked for so many of my clients, especially those with early starts, big families or with both parents working.  Some clients go as far as to plan the whole families wardrobe on a Sunday evening. I also find the rail really handy for planning our holiday wardrobes. Which I can't wait to do!

Outfit Details: Jacket, Dress and Necklace - Maje, Sandals - Carvel

Outfit Details: Jacket, Dress and Necklace - Maje, Sandals - Carvel

How to plan your weekly wardrobe

  1. I find the best time to do this is on a Sunday night when the babies are in bed
  2. Invest in a mobile clothes rail, the one in the picture is from Ikea and its €7.50, click on this link.
  3. Choose the complete look for each day, including accessories, underwear and footwear 
  4. Sort each look by the day of the week 
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Benefits of Weekly Wardrobe Planning 

  1. Saves an incredible amount of time in the morning 
  2. Minimises the mess created (I can literally turn the house upside down choosing an outfit)
  3. Maximises the use ALL your clothes 
  4. Helps create more put together styled look 
  5. Helps you identify where the gaps are in your wardrobe (i.e what you need to purchase) 
  6. After a few weeks for doing this, clients found that they got a real sense of what worked for them what didn't (i.e re creating the looks that worked etc)

Potential Pitfalls  

  1. Laundry issues (i.e matching top for outfit isn't clean)
  2. Climate change (very rarely an issue in Ireland unfortunately!)