Wardrobe Essentials - The Camel Coat

Camel Coat from Jaeger ( click here ) Jeans from Zara, Polo from Bloomingdales ( click here )

Camel Coat from Jaeger (click here) Jeans from Zara, Polo from Bloomingdales (click here)

Click here  to see original blog post with outfit details  

Click here to see original blog post with outfit details  

I started looking back over my old blog posts (morto!!!) and realised my first ever outfit post included a camel coat (click here for pics!). It was one of my first purchases from Kooples and I can safely say it well surpassed my 30 Wears rule! I sometimes think I could change that rule to 300 wears - honestly, if I like something I wear it non stop!!!  I also posted the outfit below and I was delighted when the image was shared on Vogue Online Street Style

Why should I buy a Camel Coat?

  1. The Camel Coat is an absolute wardrobe essential, it works for almost any occasion  
  2. It is a timeless and classic piece that will never go out of fashion 
  3. It can be styled so many different ways, you will wonder how you survived without it
  4. There are so many different options available you are guaranteed to find a price, colour and style to suit you 


Tips for buying a Camel Coat?

  1. Decide on a budget first: If you are going high-end then Max Mara, Theory and Joseph have the dream camel coat situation - they are tailored to perfection. For something mid-range Sandro, Jaeger, Ted Baker and Kooples produce a timeless classics that will see you through a number of seasons. For a high-street version, I would go to Cos, Topshop or Mango - they have great copies. but the lining and the general quality may have you drooling over the mid or high range when you do a comparison. I would suggest doing a cost-per-wear with this item as it may justify investing more
  2. Choose the right shade: If you are as pale as I am it is very important to pick the correct shade - I spent forever trying to find the correct hue for my skin tone. There are so many different variations of camel you really need to try them on to see what works best for you, so, I therefore wouldn't suggest buying it online. I must add that although I found a shade that I think works best with my skin I often tend to wear the coat either with a high neck (polo or shirt buttoned up) or a scarf around my neck so the colour isn't directly on my skin (#palegirlproblems!)
  3. Choose a style that works for you: The mid-length belted version is bone fide classic  and can really show off your waist which is perfect for the hour glass shape. Max Mara and Jaeger have really belted camel coats. If you are tall and/or thin and you are looking for something more on trend, the oversized double breasted or duster coats could be great, but, I would stick to the high-street for these on-trend looks as they are more seasonal. If you have a little bit of weight around the middle section (pear shape), I would stick to the Boyfriend style with minimum detail and fuss. This is also more of a classic style that won't go out of date any time soon.
  4. Check the lining! Have you noticed a lot of the coats at the moment aren't lined? I'm unsure if this is a trend or a cost cutting mechanism, but I don't like it. If you are investing in a coat you at least want it to be lined!

Happy shopping guys!

O x