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I hope you all had a great weekend!

I have always been a big lover of suits. To me, a perfectly tailored suit can make you feel both feminine and powerful. Worn the right way, it can make a bold and striking statement.  The first ever suit I invested in was a Maje number which I absolutely adored – so much so that I am constantly on the lookout for something similar. Recently I came across a gorgeous Sandro blue suit that I knew was a must-have! We christened our daughter Annie just after Christmas so it was the perfect excuse for a purchase. The versatility of the suit is something we can all underestimate: I have a number of events in the coming months and I know this suit will be perfect for this type of occasion, just as much as a social one. I love the idea of wearing a suit as an alternative to “dressing up”. I find it such an adaptable, flexible piece as it can obviously be broken up and worn as separates too, which will obviously give it much more wearing potential (remember my #30wears rule!).  There are so many great options in the shops at the moment. I have selected three of my favourites below. Click on any of the images to for more details. 

Grey Frill Sweater from Warehouse, Jeans from Zara, Suit from Sandro 

Grey Frill Sweater from Warehouse, Jeans from Zara, Suit from Sandro 

Above are my three favorite ways to wear my new suit. I love the fact that this particular suit is so versatile - I think the colour and fabric really allows it to be worn casually. I obviously love wearing the whole look together but I feel it’s just as good with trainers and jeans, or even with the grey sweater. I know this suit is going to definitely justify its Cost Per Wear

Have a great week!