Christmas Day Looks

Hi Everyone, 

I can’t believe it’s less than 7 days to Christmas! Ever since I was a kid I always loved the idea of getting a new outfit for Christmas Day. It was the one time of the year where you were guaranteed a completely new outfit, being the youngest of five that was a real treat! I remember I used to love going to mass and seeing what everyone was wearing, because that’s obviously what you are meant to do at mass!😜🙏🏻

We usually go to my mum’s house in Mayo for Christmas, where we start the day by visiting our relatives and neighbours in the morning and then basically spend the rest of the day eating in mums. I always try and wear something a little dressy but comfort is high priotity with the two kids, not to mention all the food I will be eating 😋.

I hope you see something you like below, be sure to send me a pic if you purchase! All the images are linked. 

Have a brilliant week! xxx  

Tommy Hilfiger €199  (click here for link)

Tommy Hilfiger €199 (click here for link)