Less is More!

I showed my students The True Cost movie in class today. It is a documentary that focuses on Fast Fashion and and the massive toll it is taking on humanity and the environment.  It jumps from the glamorous catwalks of Milan to the slums of Bangladesh where the clothes are actually made. The documentary is very powerful and such an eye opener. I could not recommend it highly enough and think it is a must see for everyone - especially if your wardrobe is over flowing;). I've had an interest in this area ever since I first started teaching on the Fashion courses in GTI.  I could never claim that I am the most ethical shopper, but I do think that being aware of these issues allows me to make much better shopping decisions. I do try to encourage clients to be more conscious shoppers by spending time thinking what works for them and their wardrobe in the long term, instead of falling foul of disposable fashion where consumers are incessantly shopping yet having nothing to wear. 

As a class we spent time researching the brands that were considered ethical. I must admit we found a lot of conflicting evidence in our research. For example, the documentary depicts the likes of H&M and Zara to be some of the biggest offenders yet we found an ethical fashion index which contradicted this. Therefore we decided to contact a number of different agencies to find the one true ethical index.I look forward to passing on this information to you all soon. 

As a stylist my Fashion Philosophy has always been to focus on these 5 main points:

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As a stylist my Fashion Philosophy has always been to focus on these 5 main points:

  1. Always chose quality over quantity 

  2. Invest in wardrobe essentials 

  3. Calculate the Cost Per Wear for each garment

  4. Ensure a minimum of 30 wears rule with each garment

  5. If in doubt, leave it out!