Top tips for buying a Leather Jacket

leather jackets .jpg

Over the years I have helped so many of my clients buy leather jackets and I must admit it is definitely one of those garments that require some time to get it right. As it is probably one of the more expensive garments that you will invest in I think it requires plenty of research before you make your decision. I would recommend that you spend time trying many different styles and brands so you can choose the jacket that is perfect for you!

Here is a list of a few things to consider if you are buying a leather jacket:

1.     Stick to the more classic style, personally, the Biker style jacket is my favourite

2.     Choose a good quality leatherwhile real leather isn't cheap, investing in it is the best way to ensure that it will stand the test of time. Faux leather can have an overly smoothplastic feel

3.     Select a comfortable fit; a good jacket should feel like a second skin. I recommend you choose a fitted look while also leaving enough room for a sweater

4.     Stick to a classic colour like black or tanavoid going for alternative colours that may date

5.     Check the lining to ensure it's breathable and fits well; this is often the first thing to go in cheaper quality jackets

6.     Check the stitching, a good quality jacket will be stitched using a strong thread

Best of look shopping. Hope you found the tips helpful. 

Have a lovely weekend. x