How to care for your Cashmere Sweater

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I got two new beautiful cashmere sweaters in Standun in Spiddal that I absolutely love. You probably know by now I'm all about investing in classic pieces and one of my golden rules when shopping is that it's going to get at least 30 wears. As you can see from my social media I have already worn the sweaters loads which is the main reason why I have decided to do this post. Unfortunately one of the inevitable consequence of cashmere is pilling so I decided to do some research on how to best care for it. Here are some steps I hope you find useful.

  1. Try and wash your cashmere as little as possible. Spot clean the sweater where possible
  2. Hand wash or use the hand wash setting on your washing machine
  3. Use a gentle detergent specially for hand washing
  4. Don't rub, wring or twist the fabric when hand washing or drying, instead softly squeeze the water through the fabric
  5. Don't tumble dry or place on a radiator 
  6. To remove excess water gently roll in a towel 
  7. Leave your cashmere flat on a towel to dry 
  8. Pilling can be gently removed by using a standard razor or an electric fabric shaver
  9. Iron inside out, using a damp cloth between the cloth and the iron  
  10. Store in a damp free, clean space that is well aired. Line your drawer with anti-moth paper