New Hair Products

Hi everyone!


I finally got a chance to try out my new hair products from Zile Organics! I have been following the same hair regime for longer than I can remember, so I was ready for a change.

As anyone with curly hair will know, your curls are constantly changing and go through some good days and bad! My hair has changed so much throughout the years; it was defintely far curlier years ago. It is said that curly hair goes through a 7 year cycle, and I think there may be something to that. I also think colouring and highlighting your hair can deteriorate the curl - unfortunately I wouldn't be crazy about my natural hair colour - all the more reason to pay closer attention to the products I am using and what is in them!

Since having Bobby I have gained a lot of new baby hair which appears to be growing curlier than ever, but the rest of my curls really needed some additional help. I was delighted when Irish based company Zile Organics contacted me and asked me to try a number of their products! The fact that all their products are organic really appealed to me too as I'm 32 weeks pregnant!   

The Results:

Zile Organics Chocolate Mask

Initially I was a little confused how to apply the actual products as they were quite different to anything I had used in the past. When using the chocolate mask you need to mix it with hot water. They also recommend that you apply the mask in place of shampooing and conditioning your hair. This is common practice within the curl community, but I found using the mask alone meant my hair was too knotty, so I had to use my regular conditioner first and then the mask. The final step is to leave the product in your hair for 20 minutes and cover your hair with a shower cap. It left my hair feeling pretty well conditioned once I throughly rinsed it out. 


Zile Organics Shea Butter Surpreme and Aragon Oil  

You use this product by mixing 3 drops of the Aragon Oil with half a pea size of the Shea Butter Surpreme. Be careful not to use too much here as I made this mistake initially and it was far too heavy on my hair. I tried these products both by themselves and with my styling moose in addition. The results were better when using the moose complementing the new products, which may not be the case for everyone but definitely worked for me!

Generally speaking, these products were a definte game-changer for my hair! Curls that previously looked loose or dead were now curling perfectly at the end. I also noticed that by following the instructions carefully and using the correct amount ensured I got more days out of better quality curls! So, it was definitely a Win!

I wouldn't hesitate to continue to use these products. Hopefully they will develop their own range of styling moose and conditioner so I can stick to a purely organic hair regime :)