Fashion Workshop for Professional Women

Hi everyone! 

I hope you all had a nice long weekend? 

Over the past few weeks you may have spotted on my social media that I have been running Fashion Workshops. This is something that I have really enjoyed doing because I feel I can combine both my teaching and styling experiences. Thankfully, I received really positive feedback from the Workshops so I decided to try and focus my efforts into promoting them. 

Why I decided to run Fashion Workshops
Drawing from many years of experience I have found that the most common problem clients face is owning a wardrobe full of clothes, yet having nothing to wear. Most clients felt that they were in a constant battle of chasing the latest trends all the while trying to establish their own unique style. The Workshop allows me bring my business to a wider audience and impart the knowledge I have gained through my years of teaching, fashion buying and styling.

What is My Fashion Philosophy
My fashion philosophy is to make informed, long-term shopping decisions tailored to ones individual needs and personal style. I educate my clients on how to build a sustainable wardrobe which will function to best suit their personal lifestyle. I teach the importance of quality over quantity; by investing in key wardrobe staples which allow clients to develop a solid foundation that will see them through many seasons.

How do I benefit from attending the Workshop?
After attending my Workshop you will no longer be a slave to Fast Fashion and impulse buying. Instead you will be equipped with the knowledge of how to purchase clothes that will suit all of your needs, from social to professional. I will share all the clever tips and tricks of how to put classic and stylish looks together, as well as further cultivating your own personal style. 

What topics are covered?
I cover an array of different topics in my Workshops - from concentrating on fashion from a purely professional perspective to fashion as a means of social expression. The Workshops can be tailored to suit your corporate needs. Below are a list of some of the most common areas that I have focused on;

  • Importance of personal image

  • Dress for success

  • Wardrobe analysis

  • Body shapes

  • Wardrobe essentials

  • Pitfalls of Fast Fashion

  • Using fashion to enhance your brand


Who books the workshops?                                                                                                                                

Typically, management/and or social committees contact me regarding the service for employees. It has been used as a team-building exercise, as well as for the purpose of Continued Professional Development. The Workshops are conducted onsite at a companies location. Prices vary depending on the duration and number in attendance.