New Year - New Floors!

Hi everyone!

Baby news aside, I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas! Bobby and I spent the holidays in Foxford. My brother and his wife own a beautiful house down there and it is a Mecca for relaxation – perfect for Christmas! We had a wonderful time chilling and eating all around us!!!. Colin couldn’t get home from overseas so it was great to have family around to help out with Bobby. He was changed so much in the last few weeks, we had so much fun playing with him. 

We arrived back up to Galway and reality on Monday last. I was actually really looking forward to coming back as we had planned some home-improvements over the break and I was eager to see the results. We have lived in the same rented house in the Claddagh for over four years now. Luckily we have a good relationship with our landlady – it’s the type of house you can put you own personal stamp on so having her blessing is a big plus. I have been thinking of doing something with the floors here for some time – they were a little worn and in need of repair. I suggested to our landlady that we treat and paint them white. As it happens, she had done something similar in her own home so she was happy to green-light the project!

Pictures of the house with the original floor boards.

Pictures of the house with the original floor boards.

I collaborated with Pascal from Floor Master. We organised to have the job done over the Christmas Holidays while we were away. We obviously needed something that would look good but would also be hard wearing and durable. Pascal recommended a white oil finish. The brand is Treatex. 

I was excited coming back to see the results and I really was delighted! I would highly recommend Pascal. He worked the specific days he said he would and finished the job on time. His attention to detail was amazing. The house was left in immaculate condition and he gave plenty of good tips on how to maintain the floors in pristine condition. I hope you like the pics. Please don't forget to check out Pascals Facebook page (Click here). 

Happy new year everyone!

P.S My house never looks this tidy!!!

White floor boards