5 Essential Maintenance Tools For Your Clothes

Hi Everyone!

I hope you all had a lovely weekend! This week I have decided to do a blog post on how to maintain your clothes so they keep that fresh just-out-of-the-shop look. 

Having completed numerous wardrobe analyses over the last three years I have learned a few  tricks on how to keep your wardrobe looking fresh. I hope you will find them useful. 

1. Fuzz Buster

So, I follow the washing instructions to a T, stand patiently outside the washing machine waiting for it to stop,  hang it up immediately to dry and still the balling seems to be inevitable.

Is it just me, or is the quality of knits pretty poor across the board? I'm really loving COS at the moment but I must say their knits don't stand the washing test. Thankfully, due to this little device it can get them looking pretty much as good as new again!!! Just one little tip, don't overdo it or it will eventually wear thin. I recently purchased  a new one in Tiger for only €4. 


2. Lint Brush / Lint

If you are someone that wears a lot of dark clothes (or has a pet), this is a definite must have! I have  these deadly cream cushions that I love but as soon as I  sit next to one I'm covered in white flecks. You have two different options here, either invest in a lint brush or a lint roll. To be honest it may not be as environmentally friendly as the brush, but I find the roller does the best job. They are everywhere at the moment. Again, I bought mine in Tiger. But they are also available in Penneys for €1.50.

3. Hangers

There is nothing worse than looking at a beautifully tailored coat, or a designer dress hanging off a miserable wire hangers. This is usually the first thing I would advise my clients on when doing a wardrobe analysis.  The high street have really upped their game in this department. Personally, I really like the wooden hangers -  Penneys do a fantastic range of wooden hangers that come in a variety of colours for just €2.50 for a pack of 4.

4. Black Dye

More and more black is becoming one of my favorite colours to wear.  I think there is nothing classier  than dressing in all black when you’re having a good hair and makeup day!!! I think it gives a real timeless, sophisticated and effortless look.  My biggest problem with all-black is that no matter what brand of jeans I invest in, the dye fades quickly, completely taking from the look I just described. So every few months, instead of investing in another pair of jeans myself and my sister double up on all our black faded clothes and throw them in a black-dye wash.  It really is as good as buying a new pair of jeans - they honestly  come out looking like they are brand new. I always buy the Dylon wash and dye and it works a treat. Available to buy in O'Flatertys Pharamacy €9.50. 

5. Fashion Tape

This double sided tape is one of the most versatile and useful tools you can have for your wardrobe.  Don't be fooled into thinking this is just for ensuring a boob doesn't accidentally pop out! It has endless amounts of uses from temporarily repairing a hemline, making a neckline more modest or even keeping a belt-end in place. Available to buy in Boots €2.50. 

If you have any useful tips on how you look after your clothes I would love to hear them.