Baby Number Two!

Hi everyone

I'm really thrilled to be 22 weeks pregnant! I can't believe I'm over the half-way mark already! This pregnancy is really flying by compared to the first one. I think there are so many distractions this time around with Bobby, Christmas and Colin being overseas...the time is flying by.


I am really looking forward to doing a few more blog posts on maternity wear. Thankfully i am pregnant at a completely different time of the year than before  so wardrobe wise it will make it more interesting! I'm not sure if I'm in the minority in saying this but I actually enjoy being pregnant, bar the tiredness and nausea in the early days and all the sleepless nights as the date gets closer...Ok I'm going to stop now before I convince myself I don't enjoy it so muchπŸ˜‚!


So far I haven't bought much maternity specific wear. My main purchases are AG jeans that my sister-in-law (currently living in NY) introduced me to. I have a pair in black and faded blue denim. I wish I had these for my first pregnancy because I really love them. They aren't cheap, but I figure if you just buy two investment pieces for the pregnancy this is what I would go for! I love the blue ones so much I'd wear them after the pregnancy. They have a nude colour waist band which is great if you want to wear it with white tops. A friend commented that they were her favourite jeans on me, and I'd agree! The black ones are also great, they have an almost velvet finish which can give them a little bit of a dressy look so you would definitely get away with wearing them to work. I have washed them numerous times and the colour hasn't altered. I will do a blog post on them asap.

The red coat in the picture is an interesting one. My sister bought it in Zara just before Christmas. She wore it out one night and the next day we noticed a funny smell from it. We couldn't quite figure it! We put it down to getting it wet. After some time airing it, the smell almost disappeared. It was very interesting to see on Instagram that other people had the same problem.  I have contacted Zara about it, so I will look forward to hearing back from them! 

Thanks so much for all the lovely comments and likes on Facebook and Instagram, it is much appreciated! 

Orla x

Outfit Details: 

Coat from Zara, Shirt from Cos, Jumper from Sandro, Jeans are AG, Runners are New Balance from Schuh