4 Ways to Style Dungarees!

4 Ways to Style Dungarees!

I'm a little obsessed with dungarees at the moment (as you've probably guessed from my Instagram feed)! I guess I had always associated dungarees with decorators,  90's hip-hop fashion and childrens TV presenters so when they came on trend I was curious to see how I could style them. I totally get that it might not be everyone's thing but if you are on the fence maybe I can convince you give them a go!  It may be one of those trends that I will look back on with regret! But isn't that the funny side of fashion so for now I'll just embrace it. 

I was quite surprised as to how versatile the dungarees were. I ended up styling them so many different ways, I wanted to wear them everyday! They worked well with a pair of converse and a nautical top for during the day and then transitioned so well with a heel for dressing them up for a night out. I have even worn them to work with a patterned blouse and brogues. Alternatively, for a more comfy/cosy look I wore them with a turtle neck and a polo neck. Take note: As they aren't the most feminine I would recommend adding a girly touch to the look whether it be a pink lip, a bow collar or pretty blouse! 

Outfit 1: Shirt from Cos, Bow Collar from Riverisland, Dungarees from Topshop, Shoes from Manolo Blaknik.

Outfit 2: Poloneck from New Look, Dungarees from Topshop.

Outfit 3: Striped black and white off the shoulder top from RiverIsland, Dungarees from Topshop. Runners are Converse. 

Outfit 4: Shirt from Des Petit Hautes, Dungarees fromTopshop.