Personal Styling- Check out what the client bought!


Hi all, 

This is the first day of my summer holidays , although I absolutely love my job in GTI, I have to admit I'm on a bit of a high! This time off gives me the perfect opportunity to build on my personal styling business and on my fashion blog.  

I have decided, with permission from a recent client to share some of the pieces that she bought from our personal styling session. Initially I met this lovely client for a wardrobe analysis, so I could go through her wardrobe and identify where the gaps were. We then planned our shopping trip a month later. Her requirements were mostly work wear and few pieces for casual weekend wear. She works as a GP, so she needed pieces that were professional, comfortable, fashionable and appropriate. 

We decided to choose Grafton Street, Dublin as our shopping destination as I felt it best matched the clients brief. I did my pre shop in the morning. The pre shop is where I go around to all the shops (usually 3 or 4) and put aside all the clothes I want my client to try on. Most of the shops are very accommodating and hold all the stock for me and reserve a fitting room. I have also negotiated discounts for my clients with a number of retailers. 

I met the client at 1pm and we started the shop in Brown Thomas. Caroline the manager, is always so hospitable to me and my clients. We usually get one of those fabulous fitting rooms that make you think you are in an episode of Gossip Girl or Sex in the City! After that we went to Zara, which is always a little bit chaotic on a Saturday. We then finished the day in Reiss, where the manager Gemma kindly kept the store open a little later for us. 

We had a wonderful days shopping. I didn't realise when I started this venture that I would meet so many nice people. I have had a real mix of clients, varying in age, professions and lifestyles. One common trait was they are all serious fashionistas! 

Thanks again to my recent client for allowing me share images of the purchases. 

Orla x