So, how does a Personal Shopper work?


One of the most frequently asked questions I get from people "How does it work when you book a personal shopper?".  So I decided to do a blog post in order to explain the step-by-step process involved and hopefully eliminate any of the mystery that surrounds it! I hope you find this helpful and don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any other questions!!!

1. Firstly, you make an APPOINTMENT, this can be done by filling in a form through my website, calling my mobile, emailing or contacting me through Facebook.

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2. The INITIAL CONSULTATION - usually takes place over a cup of coffee. The purpose of this is to establish your styling needs.  I choose a venue that is convenient to you.

This usually takes around one hour. During this time we will complete a styling survey to identify your likes and dislikes etc. At this point we also establish a budget, destination and time for the actual shop.

3. The PRE-SHOP - during this stage I will start by doing my research online to see what is available in stores. I then visit a number of different shops that I feel best suit your styling needs and put aside garments that fit your styling requirements.

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4. The day BEFORE THE SHOP - I call you to inform you about the different shops we will be visiting.  I also advise you on what to wear for the day.


5. The day of the PERSONAL SHOPPING SESSION - I meet you at the agreed time and location. We visit each of the shops, where you try on the chosen garments.

Garments can be purchased at your convenience.  However, the client is under no obligation to purchase any of the garments selected by the stylist!

Travelling time between shops or coffee breaks are not included in the price of the service. 


6. AFTER SALES SERVICE - After the personal shopping session I can compile mood boards of the new looks.