Welcome to my Blog!

Hi Everyone,

Thank you so much for visiting my blog. As this is my first post, I have decided to start this daunting and exciting process with an introduction. My name is Orla Sheridan. I am originally from Foxford, County Mayo and now live in Galway with my husband Colin. I studied in both Galway and Dublin before completing my Master's Degree in Business Studies (Corporate Strategy). During my studies I got the opportunity to work as cabin crew for Emirates Airlines in Dubai. This was such a wonderful experience, as I got to travel all around the world and work with people from over 100 different nationalities. Once I completed my studies I worked as a fashion buyer at Primark in Dublin. This proved to be another great experience which provided me with an insight into the inner workings of the fashion industry. I am currently working as a tutor at Galway Technical Institute where I teach on a number of different fashion courses. I really love teaching at GTI as the students are so creative and energetic and the staff are constantly looking for new ways to be innovative in making their courses relevant and fun for the students. As well as working as a fashion tutor I recently launched my Personal Styling Business. This is something that I have always wanted to do and finally decided to bite the bullet!!! I have worked informally as a stylist with friends and acquaintances over the years and was really inspired by the feedback I received. 

There are a number of reasons as to why I decided to write a blog. By having a blog I hope to have a great platform for interacting with my clients. It will also allow me to express my own individual style and personality and let me showcase some of the street style around me. 

So what will my blog be about? I really hope that I will be able to help solve some of your styling problems. Each week I will endeavour to answer a number of styling queries. I will also post on fashion topics that are relevant, whether it's how to work a new trend or how to achieve a certain look or quite simply blog about things that are inspiring me! I will also give you a glimpse in to my personal style by posting an outfit every week.

Above all, I really hope that my blog will be of interest to you and you enjoy the read! I have no doubt that it will be a learning experience for me and hopefully for you too. Your feedback and comments would be greatly appreciated! I would urge and invite you to ask me any styling queries you may have, by messaging me on Facebook (Orla Sheridan Personal Stylist) or emailing me at orla@orlasheridan.com or calling me on 087 2389283. 


Below is my 

Personal Mood Board 

that I created to illustrate my lifestyle, this is something I do with my students in GTI in the Fashion Buying and Retailing class!  



Personal Mood Board .jpg